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Reviews Press Acclaims Natyam Arts Academy

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bullet Annual Recital 2005 - Preeti's master choreography was evident in the Iyyapa Charanam piece that comprised of 21 dancers --Khabar
bullet �Whenever I see her (Preeti) dance, I am moved to a different place.  She has been called �Poetry in Motion� by critics in Florida and tonight you can all see why.  Her energy, facial expressions and stage presence captivate me always. I am sure she was an inspiration to her students tonight and they will now be motivated to reach higher as artists�, said Smt.Meera Prakash (noted author)to the receptive audience. -- Khabar

The recital was enthralling starting with a prayer song to the Shiva and Parvathy dance to the finale on Lord Iyyapa. Sitting in the audience, one does not realize the work behind the success of a show but it was evident that many laborious months of teaching and training by Preeti Shah had gone behind this recital. -- NRIpulse.com

bulletShakti - Power, Passion and Protection...Preeti portrayed Parvathy in a piece called Paravasam. The program was enjoyed by all. The dancers entralled everyone with their various expressions, their hand gestures and their rhythmic fast paced movements --Atlanta Samachar
bulletShakti - Preeti, Anupa and Usha, the three dancers shone like three pearls on stage --Bhagya (tamil)

Miya" - Fusion of styles Fusion of souls presented by Preeti Shah for IACA was very well received by the audience. The dance ballet directed by Preeti was based on arranged marriages and it combined Bharatanatyam, western modern and folk styles of dance.  -- Khabar

bulletAt the Florida conference held in part at the Wakulla Springs Center, Preeti demonstrated how the dancers training begins in learning the rhythms of the drumming and by being able to verbalize patterns exactly at rapid speeds. Her vocalization of the drumming was virtuosic in itself. Preeti demonstrated the elaborate gestures employed to tell ancient stories and when she finally offered a brief performance, the audience members became aware of the thousands of years of tradition that went into these few moments.-- Attitude U.S.A
bulletDon’t blink an eye while attending Florida State University’s School of Music recital evening, you’ll miss more than you may think. Preeti performed with immense footwork in time with the complicated rhythm patterns. -- Florida Flambeau
bulletPreeti’s concert marked the festival of Navarathri. She showed that one does not have to be Indian to appreciate and enjoy Bharatanatyam. She presented one of her non-Indian students. She is trying to change the misconception that only Indians can perform this art form and that there is a lot to learned from each other’s culture.-- Tallahassee Democrat
bulletPreeti brings an old story-telling tradition alive for Americans when she performs Bharatanatyam, an ancient classical dance that originated in South India. The dancer is considered one of the premier purveyors of the art, which was created thousands of years ago. -- Storytelling Magazine
bulletPreeti's performance can be simply described as "poetry in motion". -- Tallahassee Democrat
bulletPreeti’s performance is literally poetry in motion. Her performance of Nritta and Nritya is with an attitude of reverence. -- Tallahassee Democrat
bulletA captivating stage presence, grace, and vigor in movement and virtuosity in technique merged perfectly in the ambience of her dance culture. -- Indian Express
bulletPreeti’s recital for the Sri Kapali Fine Arts gripped the audience with skill and stamina. Preeti possesses the talent and the suppleness of movement, which brings sweet appeal to the fore. She has gained much proficiency in Bharatanatyam. -- The Hindu
bulletHer supple figure, sparkling eyes and complete immersion in the job on hand was conspicuous. The true test of Preeti’s nritta development was in the Varnam, which she executed with finesse, accuracy and a special knack. -- Indian Express
bulletPreeti comes from a family that is soaked in rich ancestral devotion to art. Slim, tall, lissome form, expressive eyes, and lithe limb movements produced a recital that was far above the ordinary. Preeti was able to run through a gamut of emotions most expressively and aptly. The speed and ease with which she essayed quick transformations compelled genuine admiration. Preeti showed herself to be quite superlative in the field of facial expressions. Preeti’s feet missed not a beat in the most intricate and cunningly structured of the passages-even while going through pirouettes and twirls. -- Financial Express
bulletIt’s December and the festival fever is on in Madras. Preeti Vinayak gave a beautiful start with a graceful performance. Smoothly coordinated movements and nimble footwork marked her Nritta. The delicacy of her facial expressions was most suited. The thillana, which provided the finale for the evening concert, exhibited faultless Nritta from this fine artist. -- Sunday Mail
bulletHer control over rhythm, expression and movement were excellent and she is a dancer who will be seen in Bharatanatyam circles as a dancer of great promise. -- Sruti
bulletPreeti displayed confident footwork and good sanchari bhavas in the varnam. Endowed with a charming face Preeti’s facial expressions came to the fore in the Ashtapadhi. -- The Hindu
bulletSpecial reference must be made to the throbbing Konnakol sequence between Preeti (who enunciated the verbal incantation to the manner born) and the percussionist, which drew a thunderous applause from the audience during the live show of "Omkar".-- Indian Express
bulletThe exchange of sawaal jawaab between Preeti and the percussionist brought itself the most generous burst of long applause in the entire "Omkar" performance. -- Financial Express


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